Transhuman Party asks: “Want to Go to Mars?” 

The 25 members of the Transhuman Party are somewhat-split in their opinion on a futurist question. 

Going on a mission to Mars - prompted by Elon Musk’s anticipated venture - elicited about 80% approval, with immense hesitation. 


Anatoly Karlin says, “It all depends on the level of risk (won't accept >0.1%), the degree of comfort on the flight (not an issue in my early 20s, but surely will be by the time such a flight becomes feasible), and the significance of this flight (first man/woman on the Red Planet enters the history books forever; the thousandth might not even be remembered).” 

Hank Pellissier remarks, “signing up and possibly dying, would [probably] be the biggest gift I could ever donate to humanity, but I’m sure they don’t want me, because I’m rather old, with zero science ability.” 

Lincoln Cannon calculates, “It would depend on my assessment of the likelihood of success and return…”

Gareth John romantically adds, “I would, in theory. I'm not sure my partner would appreciate it, and I love her enough not to want to leave her behind. So in practice, no. A trip there and back were such a thing possible? Sure.”

The only naysayer was Didier Coeurnelle, who responded, “Certainly not:

1) far too much chance to die,

2) far too small chance to come back,

3) I'm a little bit claustrophobic,

4) Even all that aside, it would be boring

(if other people want to try and are well-informed, OK to me).”


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