TransVision 2017 - conference in Brussels November 9-11

(Information available HERE and also at the Facebook page).
We will organize three days of conference, discussions, workshops, propositions, contacts with the press and ... fun.

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First day, Thursday November 9

Assessment: an account of the situation and the evolution of the movement and transhumanist thought in various countries of Europe and the World

Second day, Friday November 10

Prospects: working time on what we think to do, together or separately

Third day, Saturday November 11

Syntheses, External analysis of the movement. Activities largely open to non-transhumanists (press, people interested…).

Places are limited. You have only three days left to be sure you can make your inscription ( After that, we will open to a larger public.

We decided to keep a very low price: 30 € if you have no job or are a student, 60 € for the normal price, 100 and more for the "solidarity price".

100 € is the price covering the expenses and making it possible to pay expenses for transhumanists from far countries with a limited budget. On the other side, if you are on a very low budget, you can contact us for cheap housing (youth hostels are also cheap in Brussels).

Please forward this email to other transhumanists if you think they don't know yet about the link for inscription.

If you want to speak and you were not contacted yet, please let us know before October 10, last limit (with some information about you and your affiliation(s)). Normally, most speakers will intervene the first day (the other days are for collective discussions).

Best regards

Didier Coeurnelle