The trademark for Transhuman Party is serial number '87621496  

Initial trademark cost was $49.99, plus a followup cost of $225. Total $275.

Robert Taylor, Hank Pellissier, and Adam Ford are all on the paperwork for the trademark; Hank paid the fees himself.

Cost of this website is $216 per year.

24 members have paid $25-20 each -- they each own 5% or 4% of the trademark + website.

These people own shares: Robert Taylor, Constanza Rampata Moro, Kennita Watson, Didier Couernelle, Hank Pellissier, Lincoln Cannon, Paul Nakata, Jacob Wellinghoff, Anatoly Karlin, Ela Stanuch, Balasubba Guruswamy, Steven Adger, Rayn McCormick, Susan Kuchinskas, Alexey Immorta Potapov, Eray Ozkural, Micah Redding, Colin Garvey, Bo Headlam, Rayn McCormick, Gareth John, Adam Ford, Nicole Sallak Anderson, Keith Yu