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Sharing H+ : The Transhuman Party is Co-Owned by 24 People

The Transhuman Party was launched 30 days ago, to promote a democratic, egalitarian political model for the future.

The trademark of the Transhuman Party is co-owned by 24 people (named below). Website expenses are also shared equally. Cost of the trademark was $274; cost of the website was $221. The twenty-four co-owners all contributed semi-equal funding to the Transhuman Party ($20-$25 each). 

Transhuman Party is also called “TP 3.0” - to distinguish it from the first Transhumanist Party (TP 1.0), which was governed solely by Zoltan Istvan, and the followup US Transhumanist Party (TP 2.0), which is overseen by a handful of people.

The Trademark co-ownership of the Transhuman Party - shared equally by 24 - contrasts wildly with the trademark of the Transhumanist Party, which is still 100% in the ownership of Zoltan Istvan.

TP 3.0 believes it is fair and beneficial to share intellectual property - especially terminology like “transhumanism” and “transhuman” - which justly belong to everyone who share its ideas and goals. 

TP 3.0 hopes the Transhumanist Party will follow its lead, and share the trademark of “Transhumanist Party” with a larger community. A “party” owned by only one individual is very hierarchal; a lonely type of “party.” 

The 24 co-owners of Transhuman Party are: Didier Coeurnelle, Florina Speth, Jacob Wellinghoff, Ela Stanuch, Paul Nakata, Lincoln Cannon, Hank Pellissier, Alexy Immorta Potapov, Susan Kuchinskas, Kennita Watson, Adam Ford, Anatoly Karlin, Balasubba Guruswamy, Ryan McCormick, Steven Adger, Bo Headlam, Colin Garvey, David Allen, Eray Ozkural, Robert Taylor, Constanza Rampata Moro, Micah Redding, Gareth John, Nicole Sallak Anderson