"...Ready For It?" Taylor Swift’s new video is semi-naked Transhumanism

Taylor Swift’s video for her song “...Ready For it” is drenched with transhuman imagery. 

What's it about? Two futurist “Taylors” engage in confrontation. Taylor #1 is a rather demonic cyborg (her non-humaness is only revealed via one eyeball, and when her head disintegrates, revealing a metallic skull).  Taylor #2 is a more benign entity. She wears a flesh-colored body suit, like Scarlett Johansen in “Ghost in the Shell.” She looks a bit like a sexbot, but her behavior is chaste, “New Age”: she interacts like a compassionate goddess, for example, with small glowing orbs.

Taylor #2 destroys Taylor #1. What does this mean? 

Anti-tranhumanist bloggers are going berserk, of course; they regard the video as propaganda for The Illumnati, the New World Order, etc.  An enhanced white horse Taylor #2 sits astride is especially unsettling to apocalyptic Christians. Revelations suggests a false prophet - The Anti-Christ - will appear on a white horse…