Pre-ICO for CryoGen is launched — 25% discount available

By Alexy Immmorta Potapov

We did it!

500,000CRYO tokens were just purchased by crypto investors from all over the world! That allows us to close previously announced ICO soft cap.

During the pre-ICO our project changed the token model: 

Now its not just an utility model, or a proof of cryonics service purchase - it is also a participation in Neo-DAO a special DAO model for profits share.

In order to fully develop our ICO potential, we’re ready to announce now an ICO hard cap of 1 million Cryo tokens. The pre-ICO stage will end February 1, and will have a 25% discount. 

Congratulations to all Technological Progressives and Cryonics enthusiasts, and a new CryoGen milestone!

More info HERE