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Transhuman Party Policy Ideas (Anatoly Karlin, Hank Pellissier, Didier Coeurnelle)

Below are policy recommendations from three members of the newly-formed Transhuman Party, which is co-owned and co-directed by 20 people (they seek another 5 members). Policy recommendations will be submitted by all members, and posted. We welcome public feedback on our lists.

Hank Pellissier’s policy recommendations

  • Banning plastic bags
  • Robots replace humans as football players
  • The Boring Company is employed to build tunnels in all major cities so they can be pedestrian-friendly*
  • Support for states that want autonomy, like Catalonia, Flanders, and California *
  • Free Cryonics for everyone
  • Universal Basic Income

* Disagreement from Anatoly Karlin: Hank, I am skeptical about Elon Musk's claims wrt to tunnel boring. The only thing Musk is even better at than his undeniable business and technological talents is his capability for publicizing and hyping them. Musk has zero to negligible experience with tunnel boring. There are hard physical limits to the speed at which you can bore tunnels and the chances that he has figured out something that behemoths like Herrenknecht AG (German producer of about 75% of the world's tunnel boring machines) haven't figured out in decades are very slim.

** Disagreement from Didier Coeurnelle: Hank, Your point 4 is certainly not a priority for me


Anatoly Karlin’s Policy Recommendations

Raising IQ

  • IQ is by far the most important thing for personal, social, and country-level success. 
  • Genetics >> environment. 
  • Therefore, massively step up funding of genomics of IQ + polishing CRISPR technology,and accelerate regulatory clearance for CRISPR treatments in this area.
  • Fully subsidize parents who want CRISPR treatments for their embryos for certain approved categories (removing genetic diseases; raising IQ; etc). --- but not for changing personality or sex since social effects of this are unclear and not certain to be good.

Disagreements from Gareth John:  

1) what evidence [is there] to demonstrate his assertion that IQ is 'by far the most important thing for personal, social, and country-level success'?

2)  what evidence does he utilise for the assumption that Genetics >> environment?

Rebuttal by Anatoly Karlin

1. Huge amounts of research.

Personal success - Good correlations with personal income

Much higher than for Socio-Economic Status of the parents (the most important thesis of Murray's/Hernnstein's The Bell Curve).

Average IQ of elite scientists is around 155:

Can't have scientific progress without an elite smart fraction. Multiply their quantity by a factor of 10 or 100, and rate of scientific progress should explode.

Country-level success: Correlation between national IQ and GDP per capita around r=0.7; rises to r=0.9 when you exclusive (a) countries with Communist legacies and (b) countries with large oil/resource windfalls, which tend to constitute downwards and upwards outliers, respectively.

Also close to r=0.9 correlation between national IQ and overall measures of socio-economic success:

Some sources:

Theories why this is so:

2. The difference between "Third World" denizens (i.e. "bad" environments) and their diasporas in the First Would (i.e. "good" environments) tends to be on the order of around 1 S.D.

The range of human cognitive variation within populations is around 10 SD (25 to 175 IQ).

In other words, bringing everyone up from Third World levels to First World levels might only increase global average IQ from 86 (relative to British mean) to perhaps 95. CRISPRing everyone to maximize their IQ genes will increase that average to 160 or even higher.


  • More money/support for artificial wombs research
  • More money/support for radical life extension research
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Effective Altruism

  • More money/support for artificial meat production
  • More money/support for existential risks quantification, research; especially on AI safety.
  • More money/support for consciousness research (e.g. Mike Johnson's ideas). It will be very bad if we all become Hansonian ems but realize too late we have lost conscious experience in the process.

"Ordinary" Politics

  • Higher education: Free or highly subsidized as in Europe; limit numbers to ~25% of the population who can actually benefit from a liberal arts college education; subsidize trade school/apprenticeships like in the Germanyfor those lower down on the IQ bell curve.
  • Foreign policy: End to neocon wars, bazillions of dollars on Iraq/Afghanistan/etc. that might have already given us radical life extension if invested otherwise, etc.
  • Affirming the centrality and indispensability of the First Amendment to cultural and scientific progress.

Far Out Ideas

There's a possibility the reason the universe is silent is because of the existence of superpredator civilizations who kill emergent civilizations as soon as they start radio broadcasts into space. If that's the case we are probably fucked because we've been emitting for a century now and are not going to stop anytime soon. So increased resources for space exploration, construction of colony ships, etc. in case something bad happens. But this will be very expensive so doubt its very unrealistic, at least until much brighter/more productive people come along from the IQ/CRISPR project.

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Didier Coeurnelle’s Policy Recommendations

  • Longevity for all (those who want it) thanks to medical and scientific research
  • Sustainable abundance for all with use of A.I., robotization and disappearance of unfair jobs
  • Work together for a more peaceful and resilient work (managing existential risks and improving our capacities to empathy and generosity).