Khannea Suntzu


Khannea Sun Tzu is a politically activist futurist. She describes herself as both transhumanist cosmist (the future belongs to “us”, but only if “we” succeed in changing in to something trans- or posthuman) as well as cosmicist (humanity perceives very little of the actual cosmos, and what we do not yet perceive might be pretty scary), and politically as an “upwinger” (the contrived left and right dichtotomy in politics is destroying humanity and the planet), while having outright socialist-libertarian values (disparity makes people unfree). She favors a Pearcian (David Pearce) approach to the future (the biggest engineering challenges ahead lie within the way we deal with reality, and how we engineer “optimism”) in particular abolitionism.  Living in the Netherlands, in the heart of the Hague, Khannea is a woman of transgender origin.

Khannea has always been driven towards fantasies, narratives, ‘punchlines’ and scenario-building. Her business backgrounds are interaction design and (both dystopian as well as utopian) futurology, and her approach to futurism is often “reductio at absurdum” and laden with sarcasm. She’s had a difficult few years transitioning, which has affected her output greatly, but she’s still very active in the fields of technological unemployment, life extension, basic income, AI, (near) space industrialization, SBPS, existential risks, human overpopulation and global resource depletion. 

Khannea is a critic of corporatism, oligarchy and the current form of capitalism, which she labels as signifying a probable existential risk.

Khannea is outspoken and passionate, and brings a lateral polemic message to the transhumanist community, providing an ideological counterweight to often (as she claims) ruthless Libertarian thinking in the Transhuman, Singularitarian and Extropian communities. She has been member of the Dutch Pirate Party, and is quite sympathetic to the Venus Project, and similar aspirational and utopian movements.

She is a devout Life Extension activist and has extensively worked with and explored Virtual Reality environments.



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