Transhuman Party is co-owned by 25 people.

Current co-owners (who paid $20-$25 each for their share of the trademark and website) are:

Giancarlo Stile, Didier Coeurnelle, Jacob Wellinghoff, Ela Stanuch, Paul Nakata, Lincoln Cannon, Hank Pellissier, Alexy Immorta Potapov, Susan Kuchinskas, Kennita Watson, Anatoly Karlin, Balasubba Guruswamy, Ryan McCormick, Steven Adger, Bo Headlam, Colin Garvey, David Allen, Eray Ozkural, Robert Taylor, Constanza Rampata Moro, Micah Redding, Gareth John, Adam Ford, Nicole Sallak Anderson, Keith Yu

Guest contributors are: Nicole Sallak Anderson, Valkyrie Ice, William Gillis, David Pearce, Andre Gomez Emilsson, Brian Hanley, Aaron Silver-Pell

For more info: email

In 2019, we will accept ten more co-owners.