Hank Pellissier

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"Transhumanism: there are [at least] ten different philosophical categories; which one(s) are you?"  

"“The Self” in the Future: Will it be Extinguished, by Neuroscience?"   

"Hey Kids, Don’t Forget to Take My Brain Out of the Freezer"   

"Human GPS Microchipping: Embrace it or ban it?"   

"Nine Ways In-Vitro Meat Will Change Our Lives"   

"Free Will Does Not Exist - Should it be a Transhumanist Enhancement?"   

"My Favorite H+ Philosophers - David Pearce, Martine Rothblatt, and Ursula K. Le Guin"   

"Transhumanists: Who Are They? What Do They Want, Believe, and Predict? (Terasem Survey, Part 5)"   

"“MindFile-Uploaded-into-Cyborg” is our Favorite Life-Extending Option, claim 800+ Transhumanists"   

"Immortality Will Arrive via Singularity, Nanotech, or Genetic Engineering - say 800+ Transhumanists"  

"What Would Transhumanists Do With 100 Extra Years of Life? Space Travel? Alien Sex? Helping Others?"   

"Do All Transhumanists Want Immortality? No?  Why Not? (Terasem Survey, Part 1)"   

"What Would You Do - with the infinite extra years - If You Were Immortal?"  


"Want USA Colleges to be Free? Nationalize Energy; Tax Churches; Halt Offshore Tax Evasion"  

"Obsolete the President - Replace with Direct Democracy (interview with Nicole Sallak Anderson)"  

"Our Narcissistic Politicians - should MRI brain scans be required of all candidates?"  

15 Questions Zoltan Istvan is Avoiding... Why? What are the Answers? 

I Quit the USA Transhumanist Party... Why? Zoltan's Non-Inclusive Leadership

"Should Politicians be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence? Interview with Mark Waser"  

"Democratic Socialism - is it Ideal for Transhumanism?"  

"Fracture the Empire-States to Enhance Democracy - Global Separatism"  

"Should California Secede from the United States?"  

"100% Honesty, Transparency, Disclosure - is this the “naked future” we want?"  

"Happiness, Freedom, Equality, Rudeness: Welcome to Denmark!"  

"Women-Only Leadership: Would it prevent war?"  

"Egalitarian Planet: Five proposals to elevate society by reducing disparity"  

"Tax the Churches and Give the Revenue to Hungry Children"  

"Ban Baby-Making Unless Parents Are Licensed"


"The Ukrainian “Human Barbie Doll” - Valeria Lukyanova - is this the future of cosmetic enhancement?"  

"Women-Only Leadership: Would it prevent war?"   

"Ova-Fusion and the Elimination of the Male"   

"Feminism’s Social Side Effects"  

"Andrej Pejic - Androgynous Model - heralding a post-gender future?"  

"Cousin Marriage - 70% in Pakistan - Should it be Prohibited?"   

 Artificial Wombs Will Spawn New Freedoms

"Ban Baby-Making Unless Parents Are Licensed"


"Brain Damage - 83 ways to stupefy intelligence"   

"Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so High? - twenty possible explanations"   

"Nudity Is Healthy for Brains and Bodies"   

"Six Brain-Damage Scourges that Cripple IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa"   

"Why is “Confucian Culture” so wildly successful?"