Gareth John


Gareth John:  Technoprogressive fascinated by how people perceive, interpret, respond, and interact in an increasingly media rich world. Interests include ethics and emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, personality types in cyberspace, biotechnology, cognitive science, and cultural posthumanism in the humanities and arts. Living with bipolar.    Facebook / Twitter


"Buddhism’s Teaching on the Five Elements: An Answer to Creating Friendly AGI?"   

"Whole Brain Emulation as a Building Block for AGI - Promises and Pitfalls?"   

"Vajrayana Buddhism:  Preparation for the Posthuman?"   

"The Man with Two Brains: Suicidal Ideation and the Promise of Immortality"   

"A Response to ‘Michael LaTorra explains Buddhist Transhumanism in a nutshell’ by Giulio Prisco"   

"James Barrat’s “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era”"   

"The Singularity: Fact or Fiction or Somewhere In-between?"   

"What is the very first question true AGI will ask?"  

"Hypomania and the Hedonistic Imperative"   

"Don’t Know Mind: Zen and the Art of AGI Indecision"   

"Scientific Illiteracy and the Coming Singularity"   

"What About Me?"   

"Mindfulness-Based Therapy – Examining the Studies (Part 2)"   

"What’s on your Mind? - Mindfulness-Based Therapies and Mental Health (Part 1)"   

"“My Life With Bipolar Disorder: Non-Pharma Treatments” - interview with Gareth John (Part 2)"   

"“My Life With Bipolar Disorder” – interview with Gareth John (Part One)"