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Attract Butterflies & Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden

You want to attract insects to your garden because bugs will feed the birds, and butterflies are beautiful pollinators. To lure them in, do the following:

Provide Water Sources in puddles or chipped china saucers.

Provide sunny perches for butterflies to warm their wings, and stable places away from wind.

Grow host plants for caterpillars to feed on: fennel, bee balm, milkweed, and others.

Purple and yellow flowers attract butterflies more than any other colors.

Large flowers attract larger butterflies. Examples are verbena, Echinacea, and Helenium.  

Plant native flowers and plants.

Avoid chemicals.

Plant flowers that contain lots of nectar.

Don’t be too tidy! Many weeds are host plants for butterflies.

A good “insectary” has plants of varying heights.

It’s best to grow plants in the Aster Family, Carrot family, Legume family, Mustard family, and Verbena family.

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