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 How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

 You want your garden to be a safe and inviting place for birds? Here’s what they want:

  • Bird feeders with seeds, nuts, and fruits. The bigger the variety of food, the more species you will attract. Put feeders at least 12 feet away from shrubs and trees, so the birds will be safe from hidden predators. 

  • Put a birdbath on a pedestal, or hang one, or place one on the ground - away from places where predators can hide. Keep the water fresh to prevent diseases.

  • Fruit trees are a food source for many birds. Fruit trees also attract insects, a food source for insect-eating birds. Let fallen fruit lay, as birds will also eat it on the ground.

  • Plant trees that offer protection from predators, heat, and cold.

  • Plant seed-bearing flowers for seed-eating birds, and flowers with nectar for hummingbirds.

  • Provide nesting places - birdhouses in suitable locations, away from direct sun. Make nesting material available by not keeping your yard too tidy, or by putting out nest-building materials, like yarn, hair, cotton balls, mop string, broom bristles.

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