Bio-Tech-Humanism Policy Platform

by Bill Trowbridge

The platform is designed to have significant stability over time. It is composed of ideas that we expect to support very far into the future. To do so, the ideas expressed are quite general.

The platform is capable of slow change over time. Every 1, 2, or 4 years, the platform can be tweaked with a few minor changes as needed. Most actual change would be at levels lower than the planks of the platform, so would appear only in more detailed position documents, which could change frequently according to need.

That will give both stability and flexibility.

There are 3 to 5 themes, each composed of 4 to 7 main planks.

Each plank is an important general topic area, kept at a high level. The planks are designed to encompass, under their general umbrella, any individual policy or minor point judged to be critically important. The planks are integrated; they can work cooperatively with each other whenever a policy involves multiple areas.

The platform itself is reserved for major ideas. No part of the platform itself is a minor point. Detailed position documents need to be prepared for each plank, containing the individual policies and their details. Minor points, if necessary, can be mentioned in the position documents.

Initially, I propose three themes:


BIO includes things related to biology, morphology, health, disease, and the like.

TECH includes things related to mechanisms: electric, mechanical, software, etc.

HUMANISM includes things related to issues: social, cultural, political, etc.

And some planks: 


  • Promote healthy behaviors to reduce personal risks
  • Support life extension research and development
  • Support genetics research and development
  • Support brain research and development
  • Support medical research with the goal of complete cures for every ailment
  • Support reproductive health and technology


  • Support establishment of sustainable cycles and technology for resource reuse
  • Promote rapid automation toward abundance of products
  • Support AI, AGI, and robotics research and development
  • Support advanced technologies for energy, transportation, and other infrastructure
  • Support expansion into space
  • Support quantification of existential risks


  • Support tolerance and acceptance of human differences in body, mind, and expression
  • Support freedom for individuals
  • Support Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  • Support Universal Health Care (UHC) with affordable treatments
  • Support Universal Education Resources (UER)
  • Support alternatives to war

I've listed planks that will serve as slots for every policy. I trimmed unnecessary adjectives, and kept them as brief and simple as possible. I made up the phrase and acronym "Universal Education Resources (UER)". I also think "BIO-TECH-HUMANISM" is a pretty good synonym / description of transhumanism.