Andrew Yang - 2020 Presidential Candidate - Chats with Transhuman Party Co-Owners

by Hank Pellissier

Andrew Yang - 2020 candidate for US President — isn’t sure what transhumanism is, but he’s interested…

“How many people are in your group?” He asks Keith Yu and I, when we introduce ourselves as Transhuman Party co-owners at the recent Dinner With Andrew Yang gathering at Tacolicious, in San Francisco, on May 23.

“30,” I reply, rounding up from the actual 24 co-owners that constitute our fledging organization.

Yang smiles. 

“I mean,” he explains, “the total number of transhumanists.”

“Oh… thousands!” I promise.

“We have a Transhumanists for Andrew Yang 2020 Facebook page,” Keith adds, “with 46 members.” 

“I’m a journalist,” I chirp.

Yang, a relaxed, likable, positive-thinking, 6-foot-tall Chinese-American with self-deprecating wit, hands us his business card. 

“Call me anytime, he urges us. “And remember, 30 people, if they are dedicated, can change the world.”

He signs the book I am holding, that he authored, The War on Normal People: The Truth About American’s Disappearing Jobs And Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future - with simple words of inspiration: 

“Congrats on all you do to make the world stronger - here’s to building a future to be proud of” - Andrew Yang

Keith and I attended this event to demonstrate our support and to familiarize ourselves with Yang’s platform, that can be viewed HERE . His top priority is a $1,000/month UBI plan for all Americans he calls the “Freedom Dividend.” 

Yang’s motivation is endearingly compassionate. His Venture for America program installed young entrepreneurs in struggling cities like Detroit; the documentary film Generation Start-Up provides an entertaining view of this effort. 

Yang’s concern about American workers tossed into unemployment by AI and robots led him to Washington D.C. “What is the plan?” he asked political leaders. “How is our nation going to deal with the job displacement caused by AI?” 

Disappointment set in quickly. “DC is a very discouraging place” Yang informed the 35-40 attendees at Tacolicious, in his presentation. “DC is not made of leaders; it is made of followers.” 

After consistently hearing, “there is no plan,” Yang decided, “this is unacceptable… I will be the plan.”



His campaign is off to a solid start. “Everyone wants to talk to the ‘Robot Guy’,” he smiles, “and I’m viewed as the most honest guy on the political scene.”

Yang speaks with assurance, rattling off statistics to back up his ideas. “We need better measurements for the economy,” he insists. He points out that deaths from drug overdoses is at an all-time high, and life extension (a transhumanist priority) has stalled, and even reversed itself, in certain demographics.

His thinking is innovative. For example, he wants to implement a digital social currency system, to credit volunteering and incentivize activities. Info HERE

Is Andrew Yang’s candidacy impossible? He approaches it optimistically, like any other startup venture. He aims to raise $2 million primarily in New York City and Silicon Valley. This will provide him enough funding to "make a case in the primaries of Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Yang informs us that he has two sons that he wants to “keep society whole” for; they won’t thrive well, he jokingly observes, in “trucking riots.”

Amused, he notes that his Chinese heritage attracts considerable interest. 50% of the Tacolicious crowd is Asian-American, and Yang says he’s getting "a huge amount of press in China,” because his campaign is “a point of ethnic pride.”

Keith and I fervently believe Andrew Yang is an ideal candidate fro transhumanists to support; that’s why we set up the facebook page and we’re pressing all Transhuman Party co-owners to endorse Yang’s candidacy. 

To find out more about Andrew Yang and his “Humanist First” campaign, visit his website.  UBI isn’t his only techno-progressive plank idea; examine all 68 policies and you’ll find solid symbiosis with transhumanist thinking.